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8th Fail Boy became Youngest Ethical Hacker and Millionaire

The Youngest Ethical Hacker

Usually, many parents are pushing their children to study. Nowadays parents are wishing their children to be versatile and all-rounder in every field. With this view some of them admit children in dance classes, singing classes and sports academy and what not! But they are not allowed to compromise their education. Unlike them we have some famous examples of Ideals and Celebrities in India like Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, etc., have skipped their studies in between for their passion towards their respective area of work. They have earned name, fame and left their footprint in respective industries!


As people expect their children to make their careers as such celebrities did, they often pressurize them and sometime make mistake in choosing what their children want instead of what they want


We're going talk about a boy who failed in std 8th but followed his passion and later built and set himself as an ideal for the rest of the generation, by his work. Trishneet Arora, well-known as ethical hacking company owner and C.E.O of T.A.C security solution Pvt Ltd.


  Trishnet Arora at TEDx

Trishnet Arora at TEDx


    Ethical hackers are those certified professionals who work for those companies which keep watch on confidential data of client companies and protect it from any hackers, malicious websites or networks and even keep a check on virus attacks. Trishneet earned fame globally as the youngest ethical hacker in India. Government of India and many Industrialist globally honored him several times for his incredible work in Cyber world! He works as an ethical hacker in many cyber cells in view of instructor. He  also worked in data security providing to prevent cyber-attacks!


Trishneet Arora's Childhood Life And passions


Trishneet belongs to a very ordinary and middle-class family from Ludhiana, Punjab. His father works as an Accountant in a company and his mother's a homemaker. Like every parent, they wanted that their child must study well and get a good salaried job in future career, But Trishneet didn't like to study, he used to get bored with studying subjects like science, history and geography. When Trishneet was studying in std 8th his father brought new computer for his work, From the day Trishneet got interested in learning computer and operating various functions of computer, as fond of learning computer hardware programming and hacking system he started gathering information from various sources and YouTube. He learnt through YouTube videos and practiced those things on his computer. Whenever any problem occurred in the computer, he began to search the technical challenges and later he started to solve those technical issues without any expert support or guidance, a feat very inspiring! Day by day, his interest in this field increased and he ignored school study and failed as of not appearing in exam for std 8th. After failing in school all of his friends and neighbors laughed on him, but he ignored them. When asked for the reason of failure from his parents he replied that he like to learn computer only and engaged himself in


 learning. Later on, Trishneet did 12th in correspondence studies through distance education with self-study learning method. Then completed his B.C.A.degree. He did many small online courses to learn information about computer hacking, coding and other informations related computer software and hardware. He started updating himself time to time. As his interest increased in hardware and hacking jobs he started to search and learn the biggest companies data and found whether data secured or not? He tried to communicate with many companies as their data is not so safe from hackers through email and letters but in the beginning, no one took him seriously.



This is how Trishneet started his work?


While studying, at the age of 19, he took part in a technology summit in  Gujarat and he spoke about how hackers hack the system and steal your confidential data information with demonstration to the public. Appreciating his work and speech Gujarat police department approached him for getting help in cyber cell department, Trishneet worked there fabulously, many I.P.S officers and C.B.I special officers attended his training program and got impressed with his talent and offer him a job in their cyber cell. He got his first cheque of 60000 rupees for his job.

A news paper cutout on Trishnet

A news paper cutout on Trishneet


Likewise, Punjab Police, C.B.I and many other investigation agencies called Trishneet and asked for guidance on hacker’s attack, cybercrime and in forensic science investigating tasks.


Trishneet's T.A.C security company


He started the company T.A.C security solution Pvt Ltd. at the age of twenty-one which is north India's first response team set up and work in this industry; today he operates his companies in 50 fortune and 500 companies with virtual branches all over the world. Recently he's started his branch in U.S.A

T.A.C security solution Pvt Ltd

Trishneet holding his. company logo: Source( Trishneet Arora Facebook page)


Trishneet's 40% of clients are from United Kingdom and Dubai. In India Mukesh Ambani's Reliance, Amul  are now Trishneet's clients, he has worked with team of certified ethical hackers  who secure clients network and feature system by evaluating infrastructure security from hacking networks and sites thereby securing clients confidential data from hacking and stealing by providing them with coding security system that no hacker can compromise, steal and can interrupt the system or putting virus in any system ! Trishneet wrote 3 books in subject of his knowledge in hacking, these are 


  • Hacking talk with Trishneet
  • The Hacking Era 
  • Hacking with smartphones!!


Trishneet's story tells that if you get mastery in your passionate work with true efforts, you can get a lot in the world. Trishneet is now a millionaire businessman!!




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