Rajashree Banerjee

Why Should We Practise Minimalism?

The word Minimalism owe its origin to New York city in 1960.It emerged chiefly as an American movement in the visual arts and music. So what does the word minimalism mean?Minimalism or to be more precise minimum.So clearly the word suggests to the lifestyle where you consize your needs and longings.Confusing right?Lets go deep .

         There’s a natural human tendency to want more.Say for example,a person is too poor

.Almost in rags. Suppose,After working hard he achieves a living where he can afford his necessities-Food,Lodging,clothes to wear.But after some time he won’t be satisfied with his ongoing simple living as soon as he earns more.His needs will increase.If former ,he would eat simple bread,now when he is financially sound he will begin to have burgers,pizzas,starbucks coffee,wear expensive clothes.After that he will want to buy a car,design his interior with extravagant stuffs.Yes,this happens often.I am not blaming these persons.Its human nature.

       No doubt, we should earn enough so that we can afford normal standard of living.But try to contemplate when you sit alone don’t we squander sometimes for useless things?Extra pair of shoes,innumerable dreeses,expensive phones,laptops and what not.No matter our home is gasping for breath for the clutter we create around,we keep on buying.

           Minimalism doesn’t says you to be a miser.But it forbids you to squander. It says don’t crave more than needed.The money you waste in buying extra stuffs,can be saved for future purpose.

              Being minimalist is completely subjective.But if you include minimalism in your life its not going to offend you for sure.Rather you will be contented with time.Let’s see some benefits you can rip out of minimalism

      Mental Tranperency: You must be wondering how mental calm is related to minimalism?Believe me it is.Your physical possession is linked to your mental health.When you stop craving more of your mundane possessions,somewhere mentally you become free.Or say for example,when you free your closet from that extra burden you feel liberated.Liberated of not taking headache for maintaing that clumsy heap of clothes and stuffs.

    Extra money: When you stop spending much on that is not needed,you save a lot of money.Later this money will help you out in real need.Like medical emergency,education etc.

   Enough time:We run out of time when we rush to grab things keeping pace with others.Like if your wealthy friend or friends have Netflix subscription or a dazzling car, you can’t keep calm.You also want to prove yourself and go on longing these things.But think, if you save that time and do some useful stuffs like reading a book ,or cleaning your room.then ultimately it will benefit you and you will have ample time to do things.

             Will Rogers says,”Too many people spend money they haven’t earned,to buy things they don’t want,to impress people they don’t like”.These lines say the truth,the trap that we are into.Bible says we will return to dust atlast.Then why to be subdued by material cravings?Less is more.



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