Vaidehi Patel

Drug Addiction: Major Youth Issue Nowadays

Drug Addiction: When the youth is becoming an addict in drugs

Drug Addiction is a world-wide problem. It can rightly be called the World's worst evil. It is spreading like cancer. The pages of newspapers are filled with reports related to Drug Addiction. Punjab is notorious as far as drug addiction is concerned. This state has become a safe haven for the people connected with the business of Drugs.

Young people, especially the youngsters from rich families become easy prey to this life taking drugs such as smack, opium, charas, etc. Drug addiction has been a part of western culture and life.

Now it has become a fashion to consume these intoxicants among the company of friends. A person starts it for fun but later it becomes his habit to take it. He becomes a drug addict. He forgets that this habit is an invitation to death. Now, this habit has taken Indian society in its grip.

Drugs are used for medical purposes. But some unscrupulous people who wish to be a millionaire in a short span of time get involved in prepare life -saving -drugs into life- taking- drugs. These drugs are available in the market for very high prices. But those who have to consume drugs can spend any amount of money to purchase it.

Drug abuse has become a very common part of the lives of the students. Thousands of school and college going students love to taste these drugs. This evil is prevalent more powerfully in the urban areas. There is a reason for that. The urban people have frustrated with their fast life, incessant competition, tension, diseases, etc. Therefore they find such intoxicants effective enough to keep them from such things.

Students take it as there is tremendous pressure of giving a performance in the exams. There are very high expectations from the parents and the teachers. In this modern life when every thing is materialistic, parents have no time for their children. So due to lack of love and care, they turn to drug addiction. They spoil their future and health. They resort to wrong methods to earn money they need to buy drugs.

Now how to check this menace for a better future? The Govt must make harsh rules for the culprits. Nobody must be spared whether he is a politician or common man. It is seen that this business is being flourished due to the invalid nexus between Politicians and drug mafia. Those who become the victim of this evil must be rehabilitated by the people and the govt.

They must be provided with all types of supports. They must be handled with love and care and not hatred. This is joint responsibility of the whole society to root out this evil of Drug Addiction.

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