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How to Find Mywifiext Password for Netgear Extender?

The default credentials are something that you can change later on the mywifiext.net site but in order to continue on you must remember it so that you don’t get stuck. The Netgear wifi range extender helps you out to improve you wifi network connectivity to far reaching areas where the wifi signals usually are interfered because of the obstacles in the way of the router signals or because they are quite far away. While changing the settings of the wifi range extender it is possible to change the login and network credentials and then forget it the next time you have to login, therefore, you need to perform a factory reset of the wifi range extender so that you can do all the settings again and keep the changed credentials safe.

Factory Reset

When your forget your wifi range extender’s changed login credentials, you need to perform a factory reset because without those credentials you will not be able to login to the setup site and change or recover your current password. The steps for the factory reset are given below –

1.     Check the reset button on your wifi range extender, as to where it is placed

2.     Get a paper clip or pin and press and hold the reset button for few seconds

3.     Release the button and the wifi range extender will start to restore all its factory settings back to default

4.     Once the wifi range extender has reset it will reboot

5.     After reboot you can go to the mywifiext.net site again and login with default credentials

6.     When you see the setup page go to the new extender setup and setup your wifi range extender afresh

Finding your My Wifi Ext Network Password

In case it so happens that you have forgotten your wifi network password, you can follow the below given simple steps and find out the mywifiext password for it. In order to not lose it next time, you must write it somewhere and keep it some place safe.

1.     Connect your wifi range extender with the computer via the Ethernet cables

2.     Open a web browser and go to the address bar

3.     Enter the site address http://mywifiext.net and press enter

4.     Login with the default or changed credentials

5.     On the setup site go to settings and then go to wireless

6.     Go to general settings and locate the wifi password option

7.     When you click on that wifi password option it will show you either of the two options

a.      Same as existing network password

b.     Use a different password

8.     If it shows you the first option it means that it is using the same wifi password as your main wifi router

9.     If it shows option b then it will show you the what type of password it is under the security type and the network key option

In this way you can check your wifi network password and do the necessary changes required. In case you face any difficulty performing any of the above steps, you can contact the mywifiext support on their toll free number 1-603-509-3242 and get the best services by the expert tech team who are ready 24x7 to assist you in any way regarding the wifi range extender. They will walk you through all the steps very clearly so that you may not have any kinds of errors or issues any further.

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